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Studio 21 Fine Art has exhibited the best contemporary Canadian art for over 30 years, providing artwork to private and corporate collectors in Atlantic Canada, nationally and internationally. Located near the NSCAD University Port Campus, Nova Scotia Centre for Craft & Design, and the Farmers’ Market, it is in the heart of Halifax’s new cultural mecca on the waterfront.

Studio 21 holds a reputation of highest quality and professionalism across Canada. Our artist list includes established and emerging artists, and work from a small number of Estates. The gallery attends art fairs, including Art Toronto and Papier in Montreal. It is known for its support of practising artists, aspiring artists and for being an educational resource for the visiting public. Studio 21 is a member of the Art Dealers’ Association of Canada.

Studio 21 Staff

Deborah Carver has been the Director and owner of the gallery since 2011. Since childhood, Deborah has been steeped in art, with an architect father and a household full of artworks. Prior to Studio 21, she was the Executive Director of a non-profit environmental organization. Deborah worked for five years at NSCAD University in external relations and before that at Salter Street Films as VP Communications. She first trained and practised as a lawyer in Halifax. Deborah has a degree in environmental studies, an LL.B. and an LL.M., and has taken university level courses in many fine art disciplines.

Studio 21 was founded by Ineke Graham.  She was born in Amersfoort, Holland, and studied fine art at both the Ontario College of Art & Design in Toronto, Ontario, and the Academie Beeldende Kunsten in Rotterdam.  Ineke immigrated to Canada in 1954 with her family, entering through Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and consequently chose to name the gallery Studio 21, in dedication to the historical landmark. She now works in her painting studio and is one of the gallery’s artists.

Julia Matthews, Director of Sales & Marketing, and Andre Dumont, Operations Manager, are the other members of the Studio 21 team and you may expect to find any of us at the gallery when you visit or call. Together, we have a great combination of experience, talent, knowledge and, above all, passion for art and our artists.

Some of our corporate and institutional partners:

Artist Submissions

Studio 21 Fine Art currently represents over 50 artists. We occasionally add new artists to the gallery’s roster, usually through inclusion in a group exhibition. We have a particular interest in young and emerging artists. However, as with most galleries, we do we do not have time available to look at unsolicited, mailed packages. We are more likely to open an email with attached images. If you are interested in the gallery, we suggest that that you have an introduction from one of our current artists, one of our clients or another gallery. Please visit the gallery and get to know us. For the most part, we expect that artists represented by Studio 21 are professionally trained in fine art at the university level.

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