Art I Want You: Online Art Sales

Published Aug 9 2017

Studio 21 has a new online face. Until recently the art industry has been slow to embrace e-commerce, but times have changed. In 2016, 67 % of dealers surveyed expect the transaction volume of online 3rd party platforms and website sales channels to increase (TEFAF ART MARKET REPORT 2017).

With our new website, we are in a good position to take advantage of online sales. We are building online e-commerce by two mechanisms: developing a client facing e-commerce capability through our own website studio21.ca and joining 3rd party art sales websites. On both studio21.ca and the 3rd party sites, Studio 21 will build online exhibitions, complementary to the exhibition program in our physical gallery space in Halifax and the temporary Art Fair exhibitions.

These steps are intended to make it easier for collectors around the world to find our artists’ works, and in doing so enhance their international profiles.

Joining these websites is required to stay competitive in the growing digital art market, but not everyone is given access to compete. The largest and most successful websites have selective invitation only application processes. To begin, Studio 21 has just launched on Artsy!

Artsy makes it possible for Studio 21 to comprehensively promote our program, artists and available artworks to the nearly 2 million visitors coming to Artsy each month. Browsing collectors inquire directly with the gallery directly from the platform, and the gallery makes sales directly and nurtures relationships.

We will be sure to keep you informed on our next steps. Stay tuned!

Studio 21