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“Painting for me is an activity not unlike playing jazz. With jazz I require interaction with other people to find that state where I am, in effect, watching myself play. If all is going well I can achieve a similar “state of grace” while in the act of painting. I paint to find that space. The resultant painting doesn’t make the viewer privy to any great “truth”. He is the same as one who listens to music– he is afforded the opportunity to retrace the artist’s steps and become an interpreter. This activity is the audiences’ source of gratification,” Brian Burke.

Brian Burke is one of Canada’s foremost figurative painters. His paintings often consider basic questions of contemporary society, sometimes by poking fun. One commentator and friend, John Greer, says that Burke’s paintings are a result of courageously looking into the abyss of “What does it mean to be human?” Burke’s images speak about human responses to this face-to-face encounter with infinity. They are not about¬†finding answers but rather about how to face – or not to face – the who and why we are, what we are and why we respond to the world in the way we do. [John Greer is a sculptor of international reputation, whose retrospective “retroactive” was at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia April to September 2015.]

Born in Charlottetown PEI, Burke studied design at Holland College (1971-73), and Fine Art at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (1974). He lives in PEI and Switzerland. Burke’s work has been supported by the PEI Council of the Arts and Canada Council for the Arts. It has been exhibited in numerous public galleries in group and solo exhibitions and at international art fairs and is in many collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Burke’s recent projects include the completion of a commission for the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.


Art Toronto 2017

Oct 27 2017 - Oct 30 2017

Go Figure

Sep 15 2017 - Oct 11 2017

Art Toronto 2016

Oct 27 2016 - Oct 31 2016

Winter Group Exhibition

Dec 16 2016 - Feb 1 2017
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On the Horizon: Go Figure

Published Sep 7 2017 by Director, Deborah Carver

A group exhibition exploring figure and featuring new pieces from gallery artists Brian Burke, Michael Harrington and Marcus Jones is the subject matter of the next exhibition at Studio 21, running from September 15 through to October 11, 2017. In contrast to abstract art, figurative art is a diverse category that ranges from realism to…

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