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“Recently, someone told me that they saw Goya’s light in my paintings. I had never thought about that, since Goya has not been especially important to me. Nevertheless, if I do not revere Goya’s works as I do Rothko’s, for example, it does seem that they have burrowed their way into my mind and have stayed there. I am not, therefore, alone when I am painting.

Everyone finds his or her own particular voice, tools or weapons. I discovered painting, and it is through solitary work in the studio that I have found a relative balance. Perhaps I was in the spirit of the great Romantics when I invented these landscapes – these compositions that vaguely bring a place to mind.  A piece of land that I keep on working. I wanted to paint the light after a storm, shafts of light, and the autumn silence…” Carol Bernier.

Born in Montreal, on March 9, 1963, Carol Bernier received a CEGEP degree in Arts in 1983, a BFA in 1988 and a Master’s degree in 1994 from UQAM.  Her studies and workshops in Quebec and abroad include clothing design at College Lasalle, and printmaking in Paris and Hungary. Many trips to Turkey, Morocco, France, Belgium and Japan have complemented her artistic training.

The Castoffs

Jun 9 2017 - Jul 6 2017

Winter Group Exhibition

Dec 16 2016 - Feb 1 2017
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On the Horizon: Carol Bernier & Mariette Roodenburg

Published Jun 2 2017 by Deborah Carver, Director

Abstract mixed media paintings that incorporate the scraps (castoffs) of Carol Bernier’s students’ work, and two series of layered multiple long exposure photographs from Mariette Roodenburg’s residency at the Baer Art Center in Northern Iceland are the subject matter of the next exhibition at Studio 21, running from June 9 to July 6, 2017. Carol Bernier is…

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