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“I am inclined to express myself poetically. Every surface in these recent works are like an open book; like a sketchbook which has voyaged many miles by one’s side. Sometimes they evoke day and sometimes night (much like in the prints).

Usually they show figures centred on a background without which they could not exist. The left page faces the right one as if seeking balance or a sense of completion. Little objects are kept between the pages of children’s books. They have a profound value.

Indeed, we strive to remember when we first picked them up that we did not need pages, as for a split of a second time and space disappeared,” François Vincent.

A native of Montreal, where he lives and works, François Vincent received a bachelor’s degree in linguistics in 1972 and another one in fine arts in 1974 from Université du Québec à Montréal. He is a pioneer in contemporary printmaking within the Atelier Circulaire collective, and his works have appeared around the world (Argentina, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, Japan, and Portugal).

Winner of the 1990 Grand Prix Loto-Québec Printmaking Competition and the 1997 Prix Jacques-Cartier des Arts, François Vincent has been a featured artist in many  private and public collections : the Canada Council Art Bank, the National Bank of Canada, Loto-Québec, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, and Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal. His works are also displayed in some public venues thanks to the Politique d’Intégration des Arts à l’Architecture program, in particular to the Institute of Cardiology of Montreal and more recently in the new Research Center of the CHUM.


Apr 25 2019 - Apr 28 2019

Summer Group Exhibition

Jul 7 2018 - Aug 31 2018


Apr 19 2018 - Apr 22 2018
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A defence for the traditional gallery model?

Published May 9 2018 by Deborah Carver, Director

For reasons not to do with art, I recently visited Vancouver and had a little time to go into several commercial galleries to browse. They range from huge and impressive manufacturing spaces outside the center of the city, to intimate downtown premises. It may have been because the weather was gorgeous; but they were very…

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Twos for You

Published Mar 15 2018 by

A client of ours was in the gallery recently and chose a couple of interesting small artworks to buy. She told us that her architect brother had once instructed her that she should never have two things side-by-side. It is the conventional wisdom that it is preferable to hang odd numbers of artworks together, rather…

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