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“Since my youth, drawing and painting have been my primary expressive means to imaginatively reflect on my life experiences, perceptions, and feelings.

My innate abilities with, and commitment to, the disciplines of drawing and painting were greatly nurtured by the sensitive responses, wisdom, and guidance of the many specialist art teachers who mentored me from the late forties through the early sixties in the public school system.

Painting and drawing have come to serve me as essential means for the negotiation between the individual and the collective, between the intellect and the hand, between emotion and analysis, and between the past and the present. For nearly fifty years, I have pursued directions and dealt with issues I know to be authentic to my own temperament, curiosities and capacities, while sustaining a sense of wonder and admiration through my engagement with great historic and current art.

In recent years I have become increasingly wary of theoretical absolutes, and have sought to make paintings and drawings that embody the metaphoric equivalence of the tensions and contingencies of contemporary life. In this current exhibition of paintings, I have variously embraced or challenged certain cultural traditions, either premeditated or improvised, as I’ve explored and transformed a number of sources ranging from direct observation to the quoting of elements of my own earlier works, often simultaneously in the same painting,” Ron Shuebrook.

Ron Shuebrook is a nationally & internationally exhibiting artist, and has held numerous faculty & administrative appointments, including: VP Academic, President and Professor Emeritus, OCAD University, Toronto; President of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts; Professor, Chair, and founding Co-ordinator of the MFA program at the University of Guelph; Associate Professor & Chair at NSCAD University, Halifax; Executive Director at the Ottawa School of Art; Associate Professor at York University, Toronto; Assistant Professor at Acadia University in Wolfville; and Lecturer at the University of Saskachewan. There have been many solo exhibitions of Shuebrook’s work in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Montreal, New York, Pennsylvania, the Netherlands, etc. Shuebrook holds an MFA from Kent State University, Ohio and an MEd. in Art Education from Kutztown University, Pennsylvania. His work is represented in numerous public and corporate collections across Canada and the U.S. and in private collections in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.


Feb 3 2017 - Mar 1 2017

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