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“My work refers to analogies between earth, the sea, space, and the human body; and to thoughts that human actions within our environment mirror the behaviour of people toward one another.

During the last few years many of my paintings, sound and video installations represent the arena of natural oil/gas emissions in the deep sea as positive life sources from beneath the earth’s crust. The emissions frequently contain bacteria that nourish the food chain at the interface of earth and sea water – eventual habitat for lobsters.

In my most recent series I focus on the fertility of the female lobster; fierce appearing inhabitant of the benthic environment where earth meets salt water at the bottom of the ocean. She carries her offspring as exposed eggs (numbering up to 2-3 thousand) beneath her tail, for 11-14 months!

Painting lobster eggs requires a patient watercolour technique accompanied by the use of rabbit skin glue, not characteristic of my work.  Given that it’s illegal to take egg bearing (berried) female lobsters to shore, I’ve accompanied lobster fishermen to sea – an incompatible studio for lobster egg painting, but a source of inspiration from actual experience,” Susan Feindel.

This lobster eggs series is accompanied by a series of new oil paintings that provide the visual context of her work now, as in the past, in Port Medway, Nova Scotia.

Susan Feindel is a Nova Scotia-born artist who lives in Port Medway, NS. She graduated from Mount Allison University with a BFA and related studies in music. Her career spans 40 years with her practice encompassing diverse media including painting, drawing, video, bookworks, murals in both fresco and mosaic tile, and mixed media installations.  She has exhibited her work in public galleries in Canada and abroad. Feindel’s solo exhibition see below at the Ottawa Art Gallery (2011) and the Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery (2009), resulted in her being a finalist for the 2011 Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia Master works Arts Award.  She has been the recipient of numerous research and creation grants including the Art and Science Fellowship from the National Gallery of Canada in 1999-2000.  Her work can be found in many public and private collections.

Summer Exhibition: Art & Form

Jul 8 2017 - Sep 12 2017

Winter Group Exhibition

Dec 16 2016 - Feb 1 2017

Defiant Specimens

Oct 14 2016 - Nov 16 2016
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