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Within my jewellery I have always strived to create pieces that convey a sense of playfulness yet show structure through the form. Repetition and texture has also been important to me as it provides comfort and nostalgia. My pieces are a study of childhood exploration and of encrypting puzzles. I am interested in creating simple geometrical shapes as they are the fundamental building blocks in childhood play and a symbol of learning. Reminiscing on childhood innocence is a reaction to an unknowing of how to deal with adulthood on a day-to- day basis and with lager societal problems such as inequality and prejudice. Childhood innocence elicits a frame of mind where assumptions don’t exist. This state of innocence removes judgment and it brings forth notions of understanding

This collection is a reflection of my fascination with patterns and repetition that I observe in my everyday surroundings. These can be found in urban settings such as the tile of the bathroom or natural environments such as flowers or barnacles. At times, these patterns can be chaotic and produce sensory overload.  Other times, they can create a sense of comfort and satisfaction.  In my jewellery, I strive to find harmony between these two contradictions to create pieces that have balance and show beauty within chaos.  This tension is also reflected in the process of making; I compose patterns in a spontaneous and gestural way but as I define the shapes, the finish piece becomes controlled in its composition,” Violeta Izquierdo.

Violeta Izquierdo is a Halifax based jewellery designer and maker.  She has graduated from NSCAD University, majoring in Jewellery and Metalsmith.  Her work is a reflection of the diverse cultural elements of her birthplace of Colombia and of her travels throughout India, Australia and Kenya. Violeta combines traditional metalsmith techniques with non-traditional materials and is fascinated with balancing intricate textural elements and colour to create playful yet elegant contemporary jewellery.

Winter Group Exhibition

Dec 15 2017 - Feb 9 2018

SOFA 2017

Nov 2 2017 - Nov 5 2017
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