Mar 29 2019 - May 1 2019


Livingston’s deer paintings continue to develop his ongoing focus on the intersections between the natural and digital realms. The portrayal of deer in treed landscapes link to his research on the history of natural history dioramas. These dioramas create an intriguing tension between the fabricated and the real. Taxidermy animals are presented within skillful recreations of their natural habitats, displayed against painted curved backdrops suggesting vast recessive spaces through systems of false perspective. Within the diorama the artificial and the real collapse together to fashion a credible illusion.

Livingston’s deer paintings echo these same tensions between the actual and fabricated with a digital trompe l’oeil illusionism of paint marks, textures and references to print processes and photography. Multiple pictorial strategies join together to create a unique visual experience and to express the inventiveness and intelligence of nature.

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Studio 21