Feb 14 2019 - Mar 27 2019

Colour Your Winter

Featuring Jimy Sloan, Toni Losey, Yang Hong and Sara Caracristi.

These four young artists will lift you up from the winter blahs, with colour and humour. The paintings and ceramics have hits of aqua, pink and sea blue.
There are textural surfaces and bright explosions of colour in Jimy Sloan’s new gestural abstract paintings. Yang Hong’s Bean Counter painting of 30 panels plays with spatial sense and pokes fun at keeping track of numbers and accomplishments. New to Studio 21, Sara Caracristi’s figures on pastel ground are snap shots of groups meeting and splitting up like schools of brightly coloured tropical fish. Toni Losey was one of our featured artists at the SOFA Chicago art fair. It’s a first-time glimpse of her abstract sculptures in Halifax. They resemble sea creatures with colourful protuberances.

Studio 21