Jun 8 2018 - Jul 5 2018

Conversation Starter: Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society's Inaugural Juried Members Exhibition

Wearable art creates many connections from the conventional to the obscure. Adornment allows for artistic innovation beyond the maker and their medium; unleashing creativity nurtured by exploring unconventional materials and developing non-traditional definitions of value. A diverse gaze is established: ‘the body, the gallery, and the public sphere’. Generated within each scope a separate ‘conversation piece’ emerges, individually promoting discourse surrounding art. Debatably, the most captivating discussions are found in juxtaposition of the visual exchange concerning ornament and public sphere. The desire to embellish our outer appearance is part of our basic human instinct and natural curiosity. Yet, the true art of jewellery relates to the process of an artist using any raw material at hand to express an idea or emotion. The conversation for Canadian Art Jewellery is growing. Conceptual jewellery is posing questions, providing answers and awaking new norms for art.

Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society's Inaugural Juried Members Exhibition will be held at Studio 21 Fine Art.

Contact us to receive additional exhibition information once available.

Studio 21