Art I Want You: Art is for everyone!

Published Aug 17 2018 by Julia Matthews, Director of Marketing (and aspiring art collector)

Working at a commercial gallery, I hear these statements all of the time: “I will buy art…someday…when I am rich…when I am older…when I win the lottery…” The truth is that there are many opportunities to buy art right now!

Original art is not necessarily expensive. At Studio 21, we offer art for sale ranging in price from a couple of hundred to tens of thousands of dollars. Drawings and small paintings can be affordable, as can work made by young and emerging artists. In fact, we are moving to a new location in September and we will have a new section of the gallery that will showcase these pieces exactly. After the move, we will introduce this space to you with a longer post.

If the piece of art you fall in love with is outside of your budget, most galleries are happy to set up a payment plan that allows you to pay for  it over a few months. We want to make art accessible to you!

Other financing options:

 Art Lease Canada is a Canadian financing company that helps people acquire art within a monthly budget. They buy art on behalf of clients and lease it to them over a specified period of time. The client enjoys the art in their homes or businesses while making monthly lease payments and at the end of their lease, they own the art. If you can lease a couch, why not lease original art?

If you are in Australia, the United States or New Zealand Art Money is another option. It makes owning art easy and affordable because payments are spread over 10 monthly installments. After paying a minimum 10% deposit, you can take your artwork home and pay the remaining balance over 9 months, interest free. With an Art Money interest free loan, an artwork that costs $5,000 is only $500 a month over 10 payments (your first payment is your deposit).  Art Money helps you enjoy art, support local artists and galleries and contributes to the long-term sustainability of local art and culture. Studio 21 Fine Art is an Art Money partner but at this time the service is only offered to our clients in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Art Money has plans of coming to Canada and will offer the same service to Canadian clients. When they do, we will let you know!

Stop making excuses and be more like Nadia!

Studio 21