Art I Want You: Gallery Representation

Published Jul 26 2017

Art collectors wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the artists who create the work. Collectors and galleries need artists just as artists need gallery representation. If an artist is represented by a gallery it gives collectors assurance that the work they are buying is being vouched for by a professional. BUT a commonly asked question from artists is HOW do they get galleries attention for consideration. An article recently published by Artsy “How Do Artists Get Gallery Representation” sparked us to start the conversation ourselves. While every gallery functions differently, below is some context and advice from our perspective.

Artists from left to right (our summer group exhibition): Alex Livingston, Susan Feindel, Carly Butler, Carol Bernier, I-Chun Jenkins, Katie Belcher & Mariette Roodenburg.

Studio 21 Fine Art currently represents over 50 artists. From time to time we add new artists to the gallery’s roster, usually through inclusion in a group exhibition or an art fair. We have a particular interest in young and emerging artists. However, as with most galleries, we do we do not have time available to look at unsolicited, mailed packages. We are more likely to open an email with attached images. If you are interested in our gallery and think that you are the right fit (do your research!), we suggest that that you have an introduction from one of our current artists, one of our clients or another gallery. If you are local to Halifax or one of the fairs that we exhibit at, it is important to visit the gallery or the fair to get to know us. We love to chat! Finally, while it is not a requirement, most artists we represent are professionally trained in fine art at the university level.

Here are some additional tips from Artsy:

For more information and case studies on this topic read the full Artsy article here.

Good luck!

Studio 21