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The paintings of Alexandrya Eaton feature female silhouettes and examine the idea of a ‘woman being’, a female figure rushing to keep up to the expectations placed on her in today’s society.

The paintings document a contemporary woman’s attempt to come to terms with typical female roles, and her constant renegotiation of relationships and other elements in her surroundings.

The repeated stenciled outline of the anonymous female icon facilitates a fascination with the repetition of images; the use of multiple images strengthens the painted representation of identity.

The stenciled images become a visual vocabulary, presenting possibilities of characters, questioning perceptions, reassembling reality.

Alexandrya’s paintings develop slowly and deliberately by building layer upon layer of vibrant acrylic colour. This way of working, by always adding incrementally, is a very female way of working, and identifies closely with other forms of women’s cultural production such as knitting, quilting and rug hooking.

Influenced by everyday life, “Busy Woman” is a continuous response to a natural cycle; ultimately, the result is a joyful interpretation.

Alexandrya Eaton graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Fine Art, from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Determined to paint full time, she returned home to Moncton and set up studio in the Centre Culturel Aberdeen, where she worked alongside prominent Acadian artists Yvon Gallant, Nancy Morin and the late Guy Duguay. Heavily influenced by this tightly knit artistic community, Eaton realized the significance of staying in New Brunswick to pursue her career.

Throughout her career, Alexandrya has had more than twenty-five solo exhibitions of her work.

Her paintings hang in numerous collections, both private and public, across Canada, the United States, Europe, Bermuda and Jamaica.  She currently lives in Sackville, New Brunswick, with her family.


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