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The “Enchanting Deadlies” is a project that includes a series of necklaces, brooches and small sculptural objects that feature silhouettes of poisonous and extinct florals and explores the intersections between femininity, memory, mourning and ritual.

Incorporating silhouettes of poisonous and extinct flowers such as Angels trumpet, Oleander, and exaggerated Victorian lace work patterns; this work explores the contradictions of femininity, mourning and floral metaphor, as well as creating a contemporary collection of wearable mourning jewellery and installation objects.

During the late 1800’s there were universal symbols, like tying black ribbon to the door of a home when a loved one had passed to the wearing of black garments and mourning jewellery for a specific time period. Mourning jewellery of the past often served as touchstone or daily reminder of a lost loved one, incorporating the deceased’s hair, symbolic details of death, and gemstone symbolism.

I wondered what a contemporary series of mourning jewellery would look like, and what use it might
have in communicating to those around us.

The tension and intersecting themes of femininity, transience and early 19th century mourning symbols serves as the inspiration of this new body of work. It is my hope that these pieces will invite quiet contemplation and become contemporary symbols of mourning, reflection, growth and change

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Jun 8 2018 - Jul 5 2018

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