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Eva Lapka is an artist capable not only of recognizing the potential of the ceramic medium, but also of pushing beyond the limits imposed on her by the material. Sculpture is a unique marriage of content and form. The abstract sculptural objects created by Eva are a celebration for the mind and for the senses.

Eva Lapka’s hands shape clay into forms that flow like streams or melting ice, and as she handles the clay, elements of the human body spring from the flow. Lapka is building and controlling these human and inanimate forms. They speak in light and shadow, revelation and concealment, figure and abstraction, strength and fragility, suffering and vitality.

“In the practice of my work, I feel as though there is a journey between light and dark – every step of the creative process involves adding or removing light and shadow. My pieces also encompass elements of time, space, density, and memory. My work reflects my conscious participation in life and serves as its mirror, covered with a velvet curtain. The reflection is thus obscured and leaves room for my personal interpretation,” Eva Lapka.

Eva Lapka was born in the Czech Republic and moved to Montreal in 1968.

She received her Diploma in ceramics, sculpture & design, from the College of Arts & Crafts in Brno, Czech Republic in 1963. She has had exhibitions in the US, Canada, and Europe, and has her work in many collections such as: The Montreal Contemporary Museum of Art, the Everson Museum of Fine Art, Syracuse, US, the Brno Museum, Czech Republic, Teleglobe, Canada, Pratt & Whitney, Canada, and Technologienzentrum Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany.


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