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My work evolves from an intimate connection to place and reflects a deep sense of knowing that place.  Walking, observing, and gathering are daily rituals that require a commitment to careful observation.

Slowing to comprehend the complexity and symmetry of natural and man made patterns and surfaces; these observations inform my practice and provide a point of departure.  I strive to capture ephemeral moments and transient conditions using vitreous enamel in combination with altered and textured metal.  I have consciously rejected the glossy characteristics of enamel being drawn to a scoured, soft ambiguous surface.   I am experimenting with sifting fine to coarse mesh enamels; the kiln temperature and firing times provide an intrinsic part of the process. My mark making, comprised of repetitive lines and dots, suggests surfaces and textures from my environment.  The enamelling methods I work with give a tactile delicacy that encourages touch and suggests frost, sand and eroded surfaces.  Additionally, these marks create a language or code.  This is an invented language, a code that affords me to have a dialogue with the natural world.  My work is imbued with the memory of the moment and I aim to memorialize and celebrate the transience, unnoticed moments of daily existence.



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Jun 8 2018 - Jul 5 2018

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