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Studio 21 has represented youthful artist Jimy Sloan since his graduation from NSCAD University. During that time, Jimy’s painting practice has been migrating from figuration to abstraction, involving space and openness where he once emphasized form with layers of overpainting. The clarity of his colour palette and his graphic, undulating mark-making has huge appeal.

“I currently work on large painted canvas surfaces, exploring depth and texture, while transforming figure and form. My surfaces attempt to disrupt traditional methods of visual representation through the exploration of a process-oriented studio practice; the paintings are used as a direct way of speaking, to illustrate a dialogue between literal and expressive powers, as I search for a method of working that reflects the now and the contemporary. In an age of parallel dialogues and content sharing that is mirrored in a shift in language away from spoken and written communication and towards the digital, I choose to interpret these ideas visually and metaphorically, pairing them with my interest in oral traditions, storytelling, and communication. The idea that one image can have multiple interpretations that shift as the viewer becomes aware of new elements and their position within the work is captivating.

My process-oriented approach allows me to include an ongoing investigation of materials and pigmentation, which in turn has made me aware of the potential of a broken image plane to create unique, visually rich environments that speak openly and engage with the time that we live in. Exploring the material surface through points, lines, and planes creates pattern and figuration representative of assembled elements of topography and drawn forms,” Jimy Sloan.

Jimy Sloan is from Sackville, Nova Scotia. He graduated from NSCAD University in 2012 with a BFA, Fine Arts, Major in painting, and completed NSCAD’s New Glasgow residency program in 2013. He now lives and works in Prospect, Nova Scotia. In Spring 2017, his work was exhibited in a solo show in Montréal at Han Art where it received accolades. “To call Jimy Sloan an emerging artist, would be to use a misnomer. Rather than emerge, he exploded onto the art scene with works of astounding maturity. Graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, he boasts a style that is utterly contemporary and deliciously audacious. The scope of his art is large, and ambitious,” Dorota Kozinska, The Montrealer, April 2017.

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