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“Historically the themes for art came from mythology and later from the church. The work produced was intended to be both didactic in its portrayal and virtuous in its handling. Marcus Jones carvings subscribe to the long standing concern for integrity of execution and faithfulness in translation of subject to object.

The topics Jones chooses to portray come from the stuff of everyday life: clothing, bedding, food, anatomy. The scale more often than not is modest and always accessible. Italian marble and Indiana limestone have been the favoured material for his carvings. Such stone carries its historic past and in so doing enhances the object.

It is sculpture intended to be lived with. Not given to fashion and in being so is more enduring.

It is art that ages well simply because it speaks to the human condition,” Dennis Gill, Sculptor.

A word from Marcus Jones about his new work: “Having primarily worked in the medium of stone carving the new works titled Trophy and Evanesce represent a shift in medium and approach to my sculptural practice. These new works take shape through an additive process rather than the subtractive process of stone carving. Trophy is cast in aluminium and Evanesce in bronze and both employ the lost wax process.

My stone work is representational and although these new works are rooted in representation they also explore abstraction, fragility and decay.  The gestural and fluid quality of the work is based on the exploration of contradiction as the work appears to be, either, dissolving or emerging.”

Marcus Jones studied sculpture and received a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in 1992. He then pursued an Independent Study in Marble in Pietra Santa, Italy. Many Nova Scotians are familiar with his sculpture “Reincarnation” (1997) in the lobby of Neptune Theatre. Marcus now lives in Wakefield, Quebec. His commissioned sculpture includes the “Wellington Marbles” for Wellington Street, Ottawa as part of the Ottawa Public Art Program, as well as work for the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club, Argyle and Associates, and the Perth Street Rehabilitation Project, Richmond. His sculpture is in private and corporate collections in North America, the Nova Scotia Art Bank and the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Art Toronto 2017

Oct 27 2017 - Oct 30 2017

Go Figure

Sep 15 2017 - Oct 11 2017

Art Toronto 2016

Oct 27 2016 - Oct 31 2016
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On the Horizon: Go Figure

Published Sep 7 2017 by Director, Deborah Carver

A group exhibition exploring figure and featuring new pieces from gallery artists Brian Burke, Michael Harrington and Marcus Jones is the subject matter of the next exhibition at Studio 21, running from September 15 through to October 11, 2017. In contrast to abstract art, figurative art is a diverse category that ranges from realism to…

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