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“Although light has been a constant and an inspiration, I am intrigued by how different forms of light alter the reading of subjects. This idea came to fruition after I observed all the torn, creased, paint-splattered and worn segments of images lying around my studio, and I started to see them as new and interesting objects in and of themselves. These pieces explore passing of time, illusion of space and ‘paint’ in a tromp l’oeil fashion,” Marilyn McAvoy.

Marilyn McAvoy ‘s large oil paintings represent source materials as subjects. Arranged into a cascade of overlapping 2-dimensional panels, the torn and crumpled photocopies, note cards, and photographs of Dutch Masters paintings, Mexican shadow panels, and contemporary floral still lifes now become the subjects of still life themselves.  The fragments and sections of images McAvoy paints in this series become three-dimensional sculptural piles of paper that quote from art history, as well as from previous work completed by the artist.

Also available at Studio 21 are new contemporary still life paintings and “Viaje” work, referencing the rich culture of Mexico and dia de los Muertos.

Born in St. Catherines, Ontario, Marilyn McAvoy attended the University of Guelph (1978-81).  She subsequently obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (1983-85) and became a member of its faculty in 1988. A prolific and active artist, her work has been featured in solo and group shows across Canada and the United States.


Oct 25 2018 - Oct 29 2018

Summer Group Exhibition

Jul 7 2018 - Aug 31 2018


May 4 2018 - Jun 6 2018

Art Wynwood

Feb 16 2017 - Feb 20 2017

Winter Group Exhibition

Dec 16 2016 - Feb 1 2017
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Arts Review: Red is the Colour of Memory

Published May 26 2018 by Elissa Barnard

Green Room Marquee, oil on canvas, by Marilyn McAvoy, in her exhibit Red at Studio 21, 1273 Hollis St., Halifax.  Marilyn McAvoy’s new paintings at Studio 21 to June 6 are fascinating, shadowland portraits of women at bars, caught alone in an empty space in dramatic reflection. They are inspired by the 20 years she…

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Item Title

Visual Arts Review: Red and Ascension at Studio 21

Published May 10 2018 by Mollie Cronin, The Coast

A double-header of paintings and drawings offers two times the loveliness. By Mollie Cronin “Charley Young, Striations” Marilyn McAvoy, Red Charley Young, Ascension Studio 21 Fine Art, 1273 Hollis Street To June 6 The latest exhibition at Studio 21 is a double header: Red by Marilyn McAvoy and Ascension by Charley Young. Known for her floral paintings that blend naturalism, texture and…

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