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“Art comes from a place that resists description. My preoccupation as an artist is close observation of the world, a direct connection with unsought, pre-thought imagery. This initial raw experience is inevitably filtered by conscious ideas, although at heart, the work is intuitive. Layers of meaning reveal themselves, both as I work, and after the piece is finished. The process shapes and alters what I intended, until the piece, in a way, makes itself, becomes its own. My work makes connections in ways I can’t predict, often don’t intend, and for reasons that sometimes elude me,” Peter Powning.

Peter Powning came from the US to Canada in 1970 with his wife Beth, today a noted author, and set up a pottery in rural New Brunswick. He was one of those who significantly shaped the craft revival movement in Canada. Peter began his career as a traditional studio potter; but today his practice has expanded to include a wide range of media, usually in combinations, including glass, cast bronze, stone, ceramics and steel. In addition he produces large photographic prints of ephemeral work. He is the 2006 Sadye Bronfman Award recipient, which in 2007 became the Governor General’s Bronfman Award. In 2014 he was awarded a honourary doctorate degree by the University of New Brunswick. In addition to gallery and museum exhibitions he is engaged in producing large public commissions. He has installed 14 large public commissions across Canada in the last ten years.


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Mar 9 2018 - Apr 4 2018

SOFA 2017

Nov 2 2017 - Nov 5 2017

Summer Exhibition: Art & Form

Jul 8 2017 - Sep 12 2017

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