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“Thick mosses surrender gracefully to gravity from the tips of branches. Then carpeting the earth, as in the old cemetery, they swallow up each of my footsteps. Goosebumps. To draw the smallness of the forest.

How the needles organise themselves on the minuscule branches of the pine tree, and how the branches organise themselves along the trunk. And then, to draw the forest and the mountains,” Raymond Martin.

Raymond Martin, child psychologist and self-taught painter, was born at Lac-a-la-Croix, Lac-Saint-Jean, Québec and lives in Moncton, New Brunswick. His most recent series is a result of his visit to Haida Gwaii, B.C. in July 2014.

The striking colour, incised outlines and flattened perspective that characterize his work are distinctive and immediately seductive. Martin has been linked to 20th century artists like Picasso, Klee and Dubuffet.

In a catalogue essay, Hermenegilde Chaisson writes of Martin’s visit to Haida Gwaii that one is aware “… viewing the resulting paintings that this experience is akin to a mystical moment in its desire to merge with nature, an almost shamanic experience. The way he painted these trees is indicative, in his evolution as an artist, of a new approach in the representation of that subject. The presence of the motif, the repetition of certain elements, the decision to remove their depth to bring them forward at the surface of the painting, transforms these trees into symbols of a landscape and a country — ours — that we experience here in all its exoticism and its grandeur.”

Martin has been exhibiting in solo and group shows since 1985. His paintings are found in important public collections, including the Canada Council Art Bank, Foreign Affairs Canada, the New Brunswick Art Bank, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Art Gallery of Nova Scotia as well as corporate and private collections.

Raymond Martin – Haida Gwaii Catalogue

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