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My practice investigates ideas of adornment in relation to the human form. A choice to attach an object to the body drives me to question and create stories. People I meet, places I travel to and cultural histories I learn about shape my work.

This group of work is made from laser-cut Formica (laminate). I had initially cut the Formica by hand, (with my saw), but started to envision three-dimensional pieces that popped together like children’s toys. To get these tight tolerances and strong connections- I began to work with a laser cutter at a local university, experimenting until I got the components to fit together as imagined. The linking system between modules was derived from a piece of interlock wood folk-art called a “Crown of Thorns”.

A 15-year engagement with this Formica has yielded some answers about innate strengths, limitations and possibilities. Can this material tell a story? Can it make a transformation from quotidienne to precious? Is the transformation dear enough to generate a lust strong enough to put it on our body?

“Contemporary Camouflage” is a theme I investigate through color, form and intention. How do we conceal or reveal ourselves, as is often the case in the animal kingdom. (Coloration and mimicry in nature influenced early ideas about camouflaging in the theatre of war). My adornment can fade into the stripey blouse you are wearing, or jump out like a rosy wine stain. Choices made about signs and symbols give insight into our true selves. The work I make embodies a hope that it will journey into the world, to set a small fleet of wearers adrift with a sense of joy and possibility for the future.


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Jun 8 2018 - Jul 5 2018

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