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Nova Scotia’s Richard Mueller jumps nimbly from the sculptural (wood, glass, sheet aluminum) to digital, fabric and paper. Mueller characterizes all his recent work as drawings: “Drawings function as both a record of process and as a product. The process of making a drawing establishes a temporality marked by the development of the drawing’s components — hatching, the energy of a mark or the massing of the forms, space and light, etc. Intrinsically, drawings retain a quality of being unfinished, as if presenting a perpetual re-telling of the story.”

Mueller’s drawings frequently use vernacular graphic language. Throughout human history, popular graphic representations have evolved into a web of visually coded motifs. They are collected and networked into a narratives that have been shared of interpreted within, and between, cultural groups. Mueller breaks down the well-known associations and created new narratives. Mueller has also created a series of work using a shredded Encyclopedia Britannica: in some cases, sandwiched in glass; in others, assembled into landscapes. Mueller uses the shredding of information as a metaphor for the constant analysis and reconfiguration of knowledge.

Richard Mueller is one of Nova Scotia’s most respected artists and art teachers. He has exhibited in Canada, Europe and the US and his work is represented in many private and public collections. In 2002, Dalhousie University (Halifax) produced a highly successful 20-year survey of his work. Mueller was an Associate Professor in the Department of Fine Art and Historical-Critical Studies at NSCAD University for almost 20 years, retiring in 2009. He lives in rural Nova Scotia and winters in Florida.

Halifax Explosion

Nov 17 2017 - Jan 5 2018

Context New York

May 3 2017 - May 7 2017


Feb 3 2017 - Mar 1 2017
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Chronicle Herald: Studio 21 gallery marks Explosion anniversary with four-artist exhibit

Published Dec 4 2017 by Lisa Cochrane

Janice Leonard’s piece, Explosion School Girls, uses found glass to represent the great destruction. Artworks in a variety of media are popping up all over the city commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. The Studio 21 art gallery is marking the tragic anniversary with an exhibition of new work by four of their…

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Liberated Form: Richard Mueller Puts Pop Imagery In A Blender

Published Feb 6 2016 by Susan Gibson Garvey, Visual Arts News

In his latest solo at Studio 21 Fine Art, Richard Mueller continues his playful exploration of what he calls “graphic memes” — motifs drawn from popular visual culture such as action comics and (sometimes lewd) cartoons — deployed on variously surfaced plywood panels. Here are goofy tongues and teeth, Mickey Mouse eyes, stripey sausages and…

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Mueller revels in "garage esthetic"

Published Oct 29 2015 by Elissa Barnard, Chronicle Herald

Richard Mueller threw the visual elements of comic books and cartoons into his artistic cauldron for punchy, playful new artworks in Eye Witness at Studio 21 Fine Art Gallery to Nov. 10. Mueller, a retired NSCAD professor and intriguing artist who has worked in metal sculpture and abstract prints, calls these works in graphite, acrylic…

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