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“I am interested in the play of volumes; negative and positive volumes; insides and outsides. l like it when the eye doesn’t know where the space is in the piece but has to learn where the space is. It takes attention,” Roger Loft.

Roger Loft’s work as a sculptor spans four decades during which he has moved from modelled sculptural forms to what he refers to as “negative reliefs”. Loft builds his sculptures in the same manner as his collages, assembling the figure from components. The component pieces are made from powdered pigments mixed with epoxy, layered between Dynel, a fabric used in boatbuilding as an alternative to fiberglass. The epoxy and Dynel are laid on inflated balloons – of which Loft has a large and diverse supply – to derive curved hollow segments. The components are fitted together into sculptural forms, often figures, sometimes still life.

“I don’t plan the pieces. They come about by accident. Where I find two pieces on my table and put them together,” Loft.

Loft’s home and studio are in a Brooklyn NY brownstone. For a period of 4 years, from 1997 to 2001, he resided in Halifax. He holds a B.F.A. from the Tyler School of Art. He has taught at Bennington College, Vermont and the Parsons School of Design in Paris. His work has been previously exhibited in galleries in New York City, Paris, Halifax, New Mexico and Vermont.

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Mar 9 2018 - Apr 4 2018
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Twos for You

Published Mar 15 2018 by

A client of ours was in the gallery recently and chose a couple of interesting small artworks to buy. She told us that her architect brother had once instructed her that she should never have two things side-by-side. It is the conventional wisdom that it is preferable to hang odd numbers of artworks together, rather…

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