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“During the process of painting, possible courses of action become apparent. The way the paint is initially applied, often suggests the direction in which the image might evolve. A quick gestural mark can hint at a distant field or an outcrop of land. This is not totally unlike the way a word, grabbed from the blue, might suggest the path a poem could take or a casual phrase of music dictate the progression of a composition. I try to respond to this feedback, that the medium supplies, as thoughtfully as I can. Frequently, I am lead away from objective reality and towards an unanticipated visual journey. But on arriving at this new place, the process pulls me towards the observation of what I have in front of me. It is as if, having made an inkblot, I see a vague hint of something in it, which I then proceed to work on, to make that thing more recognizable. I find working like this has the effect of making the painting a more powerful and relevant visual experience, probably because the results cannot be entirely known beforehand. These paintings, one might say, straddle two domains, that of the sensed and the seen. These fulcrums are unavoidably different for each work, but these dissimilarities are also the very reason my interest is sustained,” Simon Andrew.

Simon Andrew was born in Portsmouth, spent his formative years in Penwith, Cornwall, studied science at Queen’s University, Canada and fine art at Newcastle University where he received his MFA. While Simon was at Newcastle he was the beneficiary of The Lawrence Atwell Scholarship Award from Skinners’ Hall, London. U.K. Simon was awarded first prize (Northern Region) for his work in The Laing National Landscape Competition. London. His work was also selected for The Hunting Group Contemporary Art Competition. He has received arts council grants and is represented in major corporate collections, including Glaxo Wellcome, Hewlett Packard, Canadian Business Development Bank, Fidelity Investments and Her Majesty the Queen in Right. Simon has produced art for the artistic ventures of Mel Gibson and the Canadian multi – Juno Award winning group The Tragically Hip. He has attended residencies in both Canada and abroad and was the recipient of a full fellowship award from The Vermont Studio Center, USA. Recently Simon won first prize for his work in Exposures, an exhibition which was judged by curators from contemporary public art galleries in Canada. He has had numerous solo shows at galleries both public and commercial at home and abroad. Currently Simon works in Canada and England.

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