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Steve Jones is a woodturner and innovative wood artist who lives in Saint John, New Brunswick.

“My work has a traditional wood turning feel, infused with a twist of colour. At first glance, its complexity is deceiving. What is actually occurring between the two mediums is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, through the lamination of recycled skateboards and traditional raw wood to create an unexpected outcome.

By removing the original function of the material, and repurposing it into a completely different form, I am transforming energy. A tree pulls life from its natural habitat, infusing it in the grain of the wood, while the spirit of the skateboard brings an urban element to the mix, capturing my experience on the streets. This encapsulates the essence of both realities: the life of the board and the natural wood, all in one contemporary piece.

The act of collecting boards and preparing them is an engaging process. While I strip the old skate decks I can see and feel the intensity and the history of the board and its skater. The physical makeup of the decks makes them an extremely challenging material for typical woodworking techniques. The contrast between the colour and the grain of the decks leaves spectacular but subtle results. I am distinctly attracted to the point just before something becomes audacious. I hope that viewers see the innuendo of boldness within, and that they question the origins and experience of the materials at play.”

Intersect SOFA Chicago

Nov 6 2020 - Nov 12 2020

Winter Group Exhibition

Nov 27 2018 - Feb 10 2019

SOFA Chicago 2018

Nov 1 2018 - Nov 4 2018

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