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I am interested in why we are the way we are, primarily how people grow, develop and relate to one another. Focusing on childhood experiences and the objects that surround us I use solid blocs as my starting point. In this case a three dimensional pentagon, as it
represents childhood exploration and an educational tool. I connect with the material by constructing it and deconstructing it. During the process of making, I try to let go and play yet tension is created as I am methodically thinking about the technical qualities of the metal. By juxtaposing elements of geometry and precision with elements of uncertainty and randomness a harmonious balance is created in which there has to be trust in the metal and in my actions. This process of making is therefore a reflection how we learn from play and experiences.


Violeta Izquierdo is a Halifax based jewellery designer and maker.  She has graduated from NSCAD University, majoring in Jewellery and Metalsmith.  Her work is a reflection of the diverse cultural elements of her birthplace of Colombia and of her travels throughout India, Australia and Kenya. Violeta combines traditional metalsmith techniques with non-traditional materials and is fascinated with balancing intricate textural elements and colour to create playful yet elegant contemporary jewellery.

Winter Group Exhibition

Dec 15 2017 - Feb 9 2018

SOFA 2017

Nov 2 2017 - Nov 5 2017

Conversation Starter

Jun 8 2018 - Jul 5 2018
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