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“Floating Along” is about the elements of time, space, form and color.

The floating ball forms and scattered flowers are dispersed throughout the paintings, onto a colorful array of backgrounds. Each painting is a depiction of the opposing forces of time. It is constricting, like the template used to create the ball, and the cookie to create the flowers. At the same time it is liberating and has a sense of freedom, like the dimensional atmosphere of the background they exist in.

The use of space within the paintings of Floating Along gives an air of disorientation. There is also a strong awareness of structure and placement. The backgrounds are distressed, created by layers upon layers of paint. This use of layers with the flowers and ball forms on the foreground gives the viewer the illusion of moving while standing still.

Each painting has formal elements; the balls and flowers are scattered, or in a line, or slightly overlapped with each other. This creates order, contrast and harmony. The structure of the square canvases with the sharp lines of the ball and flower templates gives the viewer a sense of stability and solidarity.

The colors with the familiar forms of the ball and the flower are happy, bright and evoke a sense of celebration. They create a sense of playfulness and optimism.

Yang Hong, born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. He received a BFA from Emily Carr Institute in 2002 and an MFA at NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2005.

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