Custom Framing

Studio 21 provides custom framing services through a longstanding supplier. The choice of whether to frame and how to frame an artwork often requires professional advice. Studio 21 can advise you on the options available and arrange museum standard framing.

If you have made an investment on an original piece of artwork it is important to ensure it is properly protected. We can advise you on the different types of glass, mat boards and moulding designs.

Here are some framing options for artwork.

Framing to the Edge: This method leaves no space between the frame and the artwork.

Floating: This method creates the illusion that your artwork is “floating” in the frame. A piece of acid free tape or foam core lift secures the piece to the backing and a spacer is placed between the plexiglass or glass and your art to prevent them from touching. We recommend this method if the artwork you are framing is on a paper with interesting edges.

Matting: You are probably most familiar with this method. A mat is the flat piece of paper-based material that surrounds your artwork within the frame. It is great for giving smaller pieces more size and presence and has more practical uses like separating your piece from the plexiglass or glass.

Floating with a Mat: You can combine the two above methods and have your art float within a mat. You will still see the edges of the artwork, but the mat will frame the art within the frame.

Here are some framing options for canvases.

Float Frame: These frames got their name because they create the illusion that your canvas is floating within the frame instead of its edges being covered by it. The canvas is on a stretcher bar and the stretcher bar is screwed onto the frame from the back.

Box Frame: You can also frame a canvas with a box frame. This will cover the edges of your piece, but is also a popular choice.

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