Jun 9 2017 - Jul 6 2017

65,44.8732N 18,54.567W : Baer with me/The cloud and the mountain

Both series originate in a small, remote area in Northern Iceland, not far from the Arctic Circle. It is an exceptional place with large skies, roaring seas, thunderous clouds and fog-smoking mountains, with the Baer Art Center as its central point and its radius a days-walk long.

As an artist-in-residence of the Baer Art Center in the summer of 2015, I watched the sun rise and set in the north, or not set at all, I lived through days without end and nights without darkness, I watched the light set the land on fire and the clouds throw heavy shadows on the fields.

I am fascinated by light and the endless variations in the landscape caused by atmospheric phenomena. Clouds, fog, rain, and snow all produce varying levels of visibility from transparency to complete opacity. These are the elements of my environment and therefore of my work.

I like to experience a landscape, usually spending many days in one location. I am interested in the way landscapes and our position towards landscapes change and shift over time. My work is an expression of the relationship I develop with it.

While working, I am very much aware of what exists outside the frame of my camera lens. What I cannot see, because I have turned my back towards it, is as real as what I do see and has a powerful presence. In Baer with me, I am layering the visual meanings that unfold while turning or shifting position. As I make and mix multiple long exposures, the ghosts of previous exposures start lingering behind the colours and forms that register at the surface of my frames.

Studio 21