Sep 18 2020 - Oct 14 2020

À tire-d'aile

Provost’s painting has evolved in a series of works exploring specific formalist concerns.
In his recent paintings, colour, which was previously a highlight to an exploration in monochromatic tones, has jumped into the foreground to occupy major spaces on the canvas. Underlying the paint is drawing, which he develops in the automatiste manner, subconsciously using gesture to play a decisive role in the composition. Provost says that since 2007 he has been exploring pictorial space in his work, in a process of constant refinement.

The title of this show À tire-d'aile, translates to vigorous flapping of a bird's wings when it flies. This title is representative of what this exhibition symbolizes to Jean-François Provost. A sense of expansion and freedom. All of the titles in this exhibition are carefully chosen to connect with the same symbolic positive feeling.

Provost lives and works in Gatineau Quebec.

Studio 21