Apr 6 2018 - May 2 2018

A Year with Solitude

Thomas Joseph first visited New Brunswick in September 2001 to stay at a fishing cabin owned by the Atlantic Salmon Federation. It was the week of the World Trade Centre disaster and he was not able to get back to his home in Missouri. In the course of his extended stay in the Maritimes, he fell in love with its landscape and people. Soon after, Joseph bought a house in Upper Cape on the shore road that runs between Port Elgin and Cape Tormentine, New Brunswick. Since then, he has driven annually from St. Louis, Missouri for extended summer visits. The vista from his house, from other locations along the coast, including Ephraim Island, A Nature Conservancy of Canada property, are daily subjects for painting outside. In this exhibition, a series of oils on paper capture the same view from the old church at Upper Cape, which is identified in his titles by its longitude and latitude. It is a low grassy shore with long views across the Northumberland Strait to the Amherst shore and Nova Scotia. To some, the situation would seem unremarkable for lack of elevation or drama; but Thomas Joseph finds atmosphere, colour and graphic interest in the land and sea and the changing weather. Joseph spent part of his youth in Japan and the influence of Asian mark making with the brush is very evident.

Studio 21