Feb 3 2017 - Mar 1 2017


Studio 21 presents a selection of paintings from Romeo Savoie, New Brunswick’s senior abstract painter and a pivotal figure in the development of Acadian culture in New Brunswick. Some of the larger pieces, representing several decades of determined art-making, have been previously exhibited elsewhere. The smaller works are recent. But each time a selection is made from this artist, the personality of his lifelong experiment with art emerges in a different way.

“You sit on your ass and look at a blank canvas until something happens. What I am trying to do, when I am sitting in front of a blank canvas, is not to think. This is “not thinking” in the Zen sense of not thinking. Clearing your mind. Then all of a sudden I am up and painting, and that happens automatically. You are doing something and you don’t know what is happening and then it appears,” Romeo Savoie.

Other artists have been added to the Studio 21 exhibition to investigate the idea of abstraction. Some of them are entirely free from representational qualities; others investigate the boundaries between abstraction and landscape. They demonstrate that abstraction exists along a continuum. The departure from accurate representation can be slight, partial, or complete.

Studio 21