Jun 8 2018 - Jul 5 2018

Conversation Starter

Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society’s inaugural juried members’ exhibition, Conversation Starter will be held at Studio 21 Fine Art from 8 June to 5 July 2018.

Co-Adorn recognizes, and has formed as a response to, the immense creative talent within the province. Conversation Starter is an opportunity to introduce Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society, the work of its members and the discipline of art jewellery to Nova Scotia.

About Co-Adorn Art Jewellery Society
Established in 2017, Co-Adorn is a network of thriving innovative jewellery artists working to advance their art form in Nova Scotia through social events, workshops, and exhibition opportunities.

The Society was co-founded by Chantel Gushue and Emily Wareham. Chantel and Emily both worked and studied at NSCAD University and have witnessed many strong, talented emerging artists scatter from Halifax after graduation. In recent years they have begun to see these artists remain in Nova Scotia or even return after spending years away. As this observation was at the forefront of their minds, an article was released by the Globe and Mail recognizing and highlighting the jewellery scene in Nova Scotia. Appreciating the opportunity presented by this increased national awareness, Chantel and Emily decided it was time to act.

Co-Adorn creates opportunities that support and encourage emerging practitioners, which in turn contributes to cultivating a diverse, engaged audience with an appreciation for art jewellery. Co-Adorn aspires to have gallerists, collectors, artists and anyone interested in art jewellery join and contribute. It is Co-Adorn’s singular mission to foster the growth of the art jewellery community in Nova Scotia through increased opportunity, enriched discourse, and diverse engagement.

Contemporary art jewellery is a dynamic form of self-expression, both for the artist and the wearer. The desire to adorn is a basic human instinct and natural curiosity. It is a form of personal expression for the wearer, but also for the maker. Art jewellery exemplifies the potential of instinctual adornment to take on new meaning through the conceptual treatment of materials and craft processes, and to be transformed through active and diverse critical discourse. There is a distinct set of dialogues established between the artist, the wearer, and the observer. As these discussions become concentrated, a ‘conversation piece’ emerges, promoting discourse instigated by the artwork. Art jewellery incites discussion: many of the most captivating discussions are found in the dichotomy between personal ornament and the public sphere. The conversation surrounding Canadian art jewellery is growing by encouraging intriguing questions from a broad audience and awakening new ideas about art and perceived value.

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