Apr 28 2017 - Jun 7 2017

100% real humdinger

James Kirkpatrick creates figurative work often verging into pattern and abstraction. Using a wide range of materials to paint, scratch, sew, sculpt and collage, he is inspired by outsider science fiction, underground cartoons, bad graffiti, vintage cults, symbols and textures found on city walls. He also creates wall pieces using reclaimed sails and nautical materials assembling logos, details, decals, textures, numbers, rust and wear and tear in a similar approach to his drawings and paintings.

Kirkpatrick is also a musician. He has been part of the Canadian underground hip-hop movement participating in the world of graffiti and rap since the late 90's. Kirkpatrick’s current audio interest is composing and playing beats live using an 8 bit Gameboy and a collage of tones made from home made instruments constructed by “circuit bending” children’s toys. Some of his newest instruments were made while attending the Banff Centre as a participant in the convergence residency organized by Patti Schmidt (from the former CBC Radio show brave new waves).

Studio 21 presents an exhibition of new sail work and paintings by Kirkpatrick, curated by Dave Hayden, collector and co-Director of the former <> Gallery.

Studio 21