Mar 9 2018 - Apr 4 2018

Not Before Time

"Catherine Farish is constantly inquiring into different ways of looking. Whether she is combing scrapyards for metal parts and computer discards to use as printing objects, re-purposing player piano rolls as surfaces on which she can situate abstract marks, language fragments, or figures, or re-writing a romance on envelopes from the 1940s, she is perennially on the lookout for things that will allow her to complicate both surfaces and the manner in which they are perceived…Since November of 2009, Farish has been experimenting with player piano rolls as both content and surface for a new body of work. All the images are mixed media on perforated paper mounted on Arches paper."

Robert Enright, Notes, catalogue essay, 2012.

Catherine Farish’s exhibition Not Before Time includes a collection of monoprints on player piano paper.

"I wanted to create a kind of organized chaos, starting with the idea of doodling and scribbling but also as a contrast to the neat sequencing expressed by the perforated holes on the piano rolls.
Technically the work is printmaking, specifically dry point and relief, and each piece is unique. I started by playing with the random layering of 9 different plates and ended by using audio tape, again working blindly, welcoming accidents and complicating the surface, creating more intense areas of energy,” says Catherine Farish.

Studio 21