Oct 6 2017 - Oct 21 2017


 Ojala is a Spanish word pronounced Oh-ha-Lha. It is rooted in the Arabic  - Insha’Allah! – “if God wills" and usually translates as  “may it be so” or  “I wish that” something will happen. Inherent in the wishing is a note of uncertainty about the outcome. Ojala I will get this project done by deadline! Ojala the art will be meaningful! Ojala the technology will work! It seemed an appropriate title for this project.

Ojala experiments with images edited into a sequence condensing space and time that stimulate an experience of looking at the sky. Can it work on our most basic level of emotion without needing to go through any kind of intellectual process on the way? What is the experience of still as changing and changing as still. How is it different from a series of individual images?
These image series explore the sky as metaphor for mind. Each glance of vastness gives a different view.  One time blue and clear, another swirling or dark and brooding. Constantly moving, like our thoughts, the sky changes moment to moment, hour to hour, dawn to dusk.  

Ojala is also an fledgling experiment in bringing art to audiences beyond the traditional physical and temporal boundaries of the gallery.  Using QR codes as an avatar of the work the artist and gallery can present art in a new way to an audience outside the traditional gallery experience.  It can connect people, shift perceptions, and create engagement with art in a new way.  

Scan the QR codes for an interactive experience.

Studio 21