Feb 14 2020 - Apr 1 2020

Shay Salehi

Exhibiting together, Shay Salehi and Charles Bishop bring very different media to Studio 21, both with extraordinary colour to punch up the winter months.Salehi is a Toronto based artist who works with the fragility of glass and its ability to mimic other materials. Shay’s body of work studies these qualities using line, shape, colour
and texture formed by the pate de verre technique. She fuses glass beads into pure and simple forms, which play with negative space and texture. The lips on the pieces are rough, uncontrolled and extremely fragile. These bowls do not display the well-known properties of glass such as its transparency or optics; therefore, at first glance one might not even consider her work to be made from glass.

Salehi is currently in the interdisciplinary sculpture and installation program at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCADU) where she is observing and exploring the systems, patterns and processes that inhabit everyday space. Previous to OCADU, Shay studied glasswork at Sheridan College (2011-2014).

Studio 21