Oct 12 2018 - Nov 14 2018

The Precious Book

The art of David Urban has evolved from the geometry of construction, boards, beams and girders, to a more playful reflection on music, childhood, recollection and the imagination. He is a poet and a musician, playing several instruments and investigating the physical presence of sound. His work explores the interplay between abstract elements, and the real, including still life and landscape.

Urban’s new work is exciting for its introduction of a palette that leaps from the primary colours into turquoise, pink, mauve, orange, and verdant green. Included in this exhibition are a suite of ten paintings that place abstracted figures in spaces, interior or exterior. They are joyous yet wistful. Rhythmic applications of thick blocks of colour are incised with drawn lines that describe the body and organic forms. Floating rectangles suggest windows, the kite form of earlier paintings, mirrors or water.

Studio 21