Fall Arts: Selections from Five Decades at Studio 21

Published Oct 4 2018 by Mollie Cronin, The Coast (Halifax)

Father and son artists James G. and Turner G. Davis help christen the gallery’s new home.

James G. Davis and Turner G. Davis Selections from Five Decades
To October 10
Studio 21, 5431 Doyle Street

Studio 21 christened its new location at 5431 Doyle Street last Friday with the opening of Selections from Five Decades, showing the work father and son artists James G. Davis (1931-2016) and Turner G. Davis.

While the Davis family lived for many years on an artist’s community/dude ranch in Arizona, James, his wife and muse Mary Anne and son Turner would spend several months of the year on Nova Scotia’s south shore, a connection reflected in several of the works on display.

James’ large mixed-media canvases and scribbly drawings show familiar forms and autobiographical elements—a portrait of Mary Anne, a lobster claw, a pint of beer—all embroiled in dark, surreal landscapes. Turner Davis’ small works on paper, while distinct in their style, have a similar taste for the surreal. “I don’t find it weird to continue narratives” between his dad’s work and his, says Turner, “he raised me. It’s nice that there are still these whispers of him after he’s gone.”

A family affair feels like a fitting beginning for Studio 21’s new, cozier space. Just around the corner from the bright, white gallery you can stumble upon shelves of art and chairs to sit in. The effect gives the artwork and the space it’s kept in an intimate feel (which, in a place that sells you art for your own home, can only help).

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