On the Horizon: David Sorensen & James Kirkpatrick

Published Apr 25 2017

A selection of paintings to celebrate the late David Sorensen’s 80th birthday, and new sail works and paintings by Ontario-based NSCAD graduate James Kirkpatrick are the subject of the next exhibition at Studio 21, running from April 28 through to June 7, 2017.

David Sorensen’s paintings could be described as abstract landscape; but that is not Sorensen’s preferred language. As he said in the last interview before his death, his search was for a creative space that would “give voice to…the inner reality” (David Sorensen reviewed by Mary Ann Colihan, August 19,2010).

Sorensen’s search was also to find transparency in the layers of oil on canvas. The skin of the paintings depicts strata of colour arranged in a chromatic structure, while the material itself is also thickly stratified. Beyond this, there is pure beauty. David Sorensen’s use of colour, texture, light, and gesture make for the sublime.

In celebration of David Sorensen’s 80th birthday and to recognize his prolific career, Studio 21 has selected a group of paintings, with the assistance of Bella Sorensen in Montreal.

James Kirkpatrick creates figurative work often verging into pattern and abstraction. Using a wide range of materials to paint, scratch, sew, sculpt and collage, he is inspired by outsider science fiction, underground cartoons, bad graffiti, vintage cults, symbols and textures found on city walls. He also creates wall pieces using reclaimed sails and nautical materials assembling logos, details, decals, textures, numbers, rust and wear and tear in a similar approach to his drawings and paintings.

His exhibition of new sail work and paintings is curated by Dave Hayden, collector and co-Director of the former <<Parentheses>> Gallery.


Studio 21