On the Horizon: Go Figure

Published Sep 7 2017 by Director, Deborah Carver

A group exhibition exploring figure and featuring new pieces from gallery artists Brian Burke, Michael Harrington and Marcus Jones is the subject matter of the next exhibition at Studio 21, running from September 15 through to October 11, 2017.

In contrast to abstract art, figurative art is a diverse category that ranges from realism to nearly abstract. The artists included in this exhibition explore human and animal figures. Through figurative narratives, the painters Brian Burke and Michael Harrington consider basic questions of the human condition and comment on contemporary society. Marcus Jones’ new sculptures wrap metal around the cavities of human and deer skulls.

Brian Burke, 2016, Untitled (1), 30 x 40 inches

These three artists all produce work that sometimes tend to make you feel uncomfortable. They each have a beautiful touch in the use of their media but the results are often enigmatic, providing long term interest.

Having primarily worked in the medium of stone carving, NSCAD graduate Marcus Jones’ new works represent a shift in medium and approach to his sculptural practice. The new works take shape through an additive process rather than the subtractive process of his former stone carvings. Trophy is cast in aluminum and Evanesce in bronze and they both employ the lost wax process.

“These new works represent a major shift in my sculptural practice,” says sculptor, Marcus Jones. “My stone work is representational and although these new works are rooted in representation they also explore abstraction, fragility and decay.”

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