Art Consulting

Studio 21 is now collaborating with a new enterprise Carver Hain Art + Design to offer professional art consulting based on our many years of experience in serving the needs of corporate, institutional and personal clients.

For corporate clients, there are a number of rationales for developing a high-quality art collection.

It will enhance your premises for the enjoyment of your employees, partners, clients and visitors.

Even if art is not one of your passions, there will be clients and colleagues who are appreciators of fine art. The art that you hang in public spaces can either reflect the high quality of the services that your clients expect from you; or it can sound an off note, suggesting lack of attention or low value.

Working with an art professional to select for your art collection will ensure that your art choices hold and perhaps increase in value. Investment is not usually the primary goal of art acquisition; but there can be an upside. The works of some successful mid-career Canadian artists more than doubled from 2000 to 2010.

By choosing to buy an original artwork, you have a direct impact on the artist’s life. This signal of interest and commitment can be particularly meaningful to young “emerging” artists who are deciding whether to pursue a career.

We can help you create a plan to add to and enhance an existing collection based on your budget, and arrange for re-framing documentation and photography, integrating the pieces that you now own with new acquisitions.

We can assemble a selection of new paintings, prints and sculpture to feature in private, public or corporate space. These will be from artists we represent and from other sources.

We will look after the collection for you – if work needs to be moved or repaired we will help coordinate this. Professional care will ensure that the value of the collection holds and increases. For example, if donation of any of the artworks to a public institution is contemplated, the value of the gift is enhanced if the work is in excellent condition and if there is a record of good maintenance.

Other services may include preparation of curatorial notes to accompany the artwork and educational talks.

Please contact either Studio 21 Fine Art or Carver Hain Art + Design for a discussion about your ideas and needs.