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  • Revelation (diptych)
  • Revelation (diptych)
  • Revelation (diptych)
  • Revelation (diptych)
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Revelation (diptych)

By Marcus Jones


black chlorite and limestone


Size is per each part of diptych. "Working from a medical model, I decided to carve a representation of the heart out of a piece of black chlorite, with the notion that the finished carving could inform and direct me to produce a series of works. At this particular time I shared a studio with a number of other artists. At the end of each work day, the artists would drape, wrap and cover their work in order to protect them one would suppose. This practice led me to follow suit with my completed polished heart. The wrapping of the completed form afforded the work a life of its own. It became the skin and sinew protecting the form within while also revealing visual clues to the object beneath the fabric.


22 x 16 x 16 ″