Twos for You

Published Mar 15 2018

A client of ours was in the gallery recently and chose a couple of interesting small artworks to buy. She told us that her architect brother had once instructed her that she should never have two things side-by-side. It is the conventional wisdom that it is preferable to hang odd numbers of artworks together, rather than pairs.

To contradict this idea, we are suggesting some pairs of artworks that would be happy together. The magic here is that the twosomes are made up of quite different individual pieces. So instead of a sense of matching, there is a conversation and connection between them. We have made selections that are quite affordable. Two for the price of one. And we will even offer a 10% discount on the total if you tell us you have read this Blog.

  1. Stephen Hutchings “Me/You Part One” and Janice Leonard “Harmonica”. Total price $1900

2. Ron Shuebrook “Mahone” and Francois Vincent “Waiting for Godot”. Total price $3400

3. Brian Burke “Untitled 4” and Romeo Savoie “Grand Piano 2”. Total price $1600

4. Roger Loft “Untitled 4 collage” and Carol Bernier “l’Hiver Oublies No 2”. Total price $2020


Studio 21